The 2024 CT United Ride
September 8th, 2024


Connecticut's largest annual 9/11 tribute

Every year we have Riders and Spectators totaling over 20,000 people!, Check Facebook and register your email for details!

Thank you all for your support every year, you make the difference!  

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Safety Rule

1) Do not leave the Motorcade. All Riders who start must finish the entire ride. Riders are not allowed to leave the motorcade unless for emergency medical or engine trouble. Riders who leave the motorcade during the ride leave huge gaps and increase the likelihood of cars unsafely entering the line. If you do not want to do the entire 60 miles please do not sign up.

Code of Conduct Rule

Unfortunately the negative actions of a few require us to implement this new rule

2) This is a 9/11 tribute for the victims and heroes. Any participant whose conduct is rude or disruptive to any of the speakers during the remembrance ceremony will be removed from the lineup and not allowed to participate, with no refund, and permanently banned from participating.

****RIDERS AND PASSENGERS will need to already have a wristband to enter the parking lot on Ride day 9/10/2023. 

Although you can still register on Ride day at the starting point, Motorcycles will need to park on the street and riders then walk in to register, obtain their wristbands before being allowed to drive in.

REMEMBER - we make it easy! You can print the Registration Form from the website, fill it out, sign it, and someone else can bring it to Captains Cove for you the day before 9/9/2023 on Pre-Registration day! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COME TO CAPTAIN'S COVE IN PERSON! 

We always have single individuals who come with dozens of registration forms already filled out and signed and that one person preregisters dozens of Rider friends with the proper forms and registration fees - and we give them the proper wristbands and bandanas.


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